UAB „Dinapolis“ was started in 1997. The company originally specialized in the sale of used agricultural equipment also started modernization for old semi trailers 2PTS-9 and 3PTS-13.

      Over time, the company began to manufacture products to Scandinavia, were offered many types of animal transport trailers, platforms of bales transportation, new semi-trailers from 5 to 20 tones of the maximal load and dumper semitrailers.

Currently, the rapidly expanding company offers new agricultural equipment:

  • germinators from 3 to 7m.,
  •  compaction rollers,
  •  bale transportation semi-trailers,
  • animal transport trailers from 5,10 to 11,35 m lenght,
  • cattle stalls,
  • rolls grippers,
  • containers,
  • various buckets,
  • tipper semitrailers DPS from 9,5 to 14t.
  •  new semitrailers from 5 to 20 tones of maximal load.

Also manufactured in a wide range of metal constructions in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

All products are of high quality, certified and inspected before delivery. All new products have a guarantee of 12 months.

The main goal of our company is to provide high-quality and inexpensive agricultural technique manufacturing services.